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Our Team

Let us take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and let you know who we are.

Dr. Dustin George

Hi everyone! My name is Dr. Dustin George and I’m the proud owner of Cobble Hill Dental. I was born and raised in Leamington, Ontario. My keen interest in the sciences took me to The University of Western Ontario where I studied biochemistry. After graduation, I worked in research for a year alongside a great crew of brilliant minds– but it was here I realized that I enjoyed working with people more than I did the nitty gritty of lab science. When I was granted the opportunity to study dentistry at The University of British Columbia I seized it– and there was no looking back. Having completed dental school in 2011 I found myself eager for adventure, so I moved north to practice in Whitehorse. I survived one long, cold, and dark Yukon winter before I heard the coast calling my name again. I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Cornell who had a practice like no other. I saw cheery faces and laughing patients– atypical for a dental clinic as you can imagine. A practice set like a gem in the heart of the Cowichan Valley. So, I bolted south! In the summer of 2012 I joined the practice as Dr. Cornell’s younger (and better looking) sidekick. Now I run this show and he’s my sidekick!

I really do count myself fortunate to have found dentistry, this wonderful practice, and the beautiful Cowichan Valley. I’m passionate about what I do and I can imagine myself doing little else. I have a dedicated team and fantastic patients. I think you’ll like it here, just as I have.

When I’m not at the office, you’ll find me hanging out with my lovely wife and two children. We enjoy forest walks, combing the Island’s beaches, reading books, and cooking up a storm.

Dr. Jay Cornell

Like many Westerners I was born in Ontario, Fort William area back in 1960. At the young age of 4, I packed up my parents and 4 older sisters and we relocated to Southern BC. In my later teens I was moved to Whitehorse where I eventually graduated from high school and I took advantage of the bursary offered to students to study at the University of Victoria.
I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Botany) in 1985 and from there was accepted into the Faculty of Dentistry at UBC. I graduated in 1990, moved back to the Island and married my wonderful wife, Nancy. I started practicing in a small office in the Gordon Head area of Victoria,
but soon decided to head over the Malahat to live and work in the Cowichan Valley where I have spent the last 30 years serving the people of South Cowichan.
I started to practice in Mill Bay in 1993, then in 2006 I relocated my practice to its current Cobble Hill location. In 2020 we completed the transfer of the office to Dr. George and I continue to work happily as an associate for the practice.
Because dentistry is so stressful, for both the dentist and the patient, I’ve always tried (sometimes successfully) to use humor as a tool in the office. The best compliment I ever hear is when people say that they like our office because they regularly hear laughter coming from our rooms.
In my spare time I golf on occasion, usually at charity events, but I really enjoy riding my bikes. With the exception of the last couple of pandemic years, I usually take a couple of weeks off each summer to go for a longer trip. Next on my bucket list is to ride across Canada. If you ever really want to distract me, just start talking about motorcycles.